Meet the Owners

Ann Adenius and John Hagelin launched Select International CB, the parent company of Signature Residences Worldwide, with a vision of creating a leading a firm founded upon uncompromising integrity, unparalleled professionalism and unmatched international marketing experience.


Ann AdeniusBefore co-founding Signature Residences, Ann Adenius enjoyed a succesful international career with over 25 years of uninterrupted business experience including senior management positions in the corporate world.

Previous roles include Marketing Manager Europe & Middle East at British Airways, Director Strategic Alliances Disneyland Paris, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing Elegant Hotels.

As a consummate professional, Ann has worked across the world including Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Nice, New York as well as the Caribbean, and she loves serving clients on a global basis. Through her international work, Ann has developed an exceptional understanding and anticipation of customer needs.

Distinguished by her unwavering positive attitude and professionalism, Ann's responsiveness and discretion are highly valued by everyone. Her many loyal clients are a testament to the fact that you can be confident that Ann is there for you and looking out for your interests.


John HagelinBorn and raised in Sweden, John came into the world of real estate and hotels following a successful career spanning over 25 years in international marketing and advertising.

John has lived and worked in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Mannheim, Amsterdam, Paris, London and Nice. Corporations such as BASF and ITT as well as creative companies such as Getty Images and MMC Communications hired John for his creative expertise and experience in international marketing. In his role as advertising and marketing consultant, John's clients included Pharmacia Biotech, SAAB, and Sheraton Hotels.

John is a creative thinker and master problem solver with a strong customer focus, professional integrity and results focused work ethics.

Multi-talented, multi-lingual and multi-cultural, John brings a wealth of marketing experience and innovative perspectives to the real estate business which coupled with his easy manner and ready humour makes working with John a pleasure.

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